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  Stone Sour

   Audio Secrecy

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Audio Secrecy

Stone Sour (vocalist Corey Taylor, guitarists James Root and Josh Rand, bassist Shawn Economaki and drummer Roy Mayorga) have returned with a broadened range, a deepened perspective and the determination to make new album Audio Secrecy, a multi-layered record free of stylistic limitations.

'It's everything I've ever wanted to do on one album,' says Taylor. 'It's heavy, it's melodic, it's dark, it's slow, it's light and it's beautiful. You'll hear something different with each listen.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 7, 2010   on Roadrunner



1. Audio Secrecy
2. Mission Statement
3. Digital (Did You Tell)
4. Say You'll Haunt Me
5. Dying
6. Let's Be Honest
7. Unfinished
8. Hesitate
9. Nylon 6/6
10. Miracles
11. Pieces
12. The Bitter End
13. Imperfect
14. Threadbare

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