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   Ghost To A Ghost / Gutter Town

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Ghost To A Ghost / Gutter Town

The unprecedented launch, in a distribution partnership with Megaforce Records (MRI), features a broad range of music that bridges more than one head-thumping genre - a familiar theme that true Hank3 fans have embraced for years.

Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, a double-album set, is a straight-shooting country collection, flavored with Hank3's trademark hellbilly sound, and heavily weighted with Cajun influence (especially on Guttertown) and an ambient, lonesome mood - and a few very special guests.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 6, 2011   on Hank3

TAGS: Country | Americana


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DISC ONE: Ghost To A Ghost
1. Gutter Town
2. Day By Day
3. Ridin The Wave
4. Don't Ya Wanna
5. Ray Lawrence Jr.
6. The Devil's Movin In
7. Time To Die
8. Troopers Hollar
9. Outlaw Convention
10. Cunt Of A Bitch
11. Ghost To A Ghost
DISC TWO: Gutter Town
12. Goin To Gutter Town
13. Gutter Stomp
14. The Dirt Road
15. Musha's
16. The Dream Before
17. Dyin Day
18. I Promised
19. Chord of the Organ
20. Move Them Songs
21. The Low Line
22. I'll Be Gone
23. Trooper's Chaos
24. Chaos Queen
25. Thunderpain
26. Fadin' Moon
27. The Round
28. I'll Save My Tears
29. It's Goin Down
30. With The Ship