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  The Rapture

   In The Grace Of Your Love

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In The Grace Of Your Love

It's been five years since the Rapture completed work on their second album, Pieces Of The People We Love, but the half-decade that followed may in retrospect turn out to be the most productive and important of their career.

In The Grace of Your Love is arguably the best sounding record the Rapture have ever made; one that connects with what they love most about music and why they love to play it.

Claims Stereogum, 'the album doesn't sound like a comeback album; it sounds like a strong piece of work from a band that never went away.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 6, 2011   on DFA


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1. Sail Away
2. Miss You
3. Blue Bird
4. Come Back To Me
5. In The Grace Of Your Love
6. Never Die Again
7. Roller Coaster
8. Children
9. Can You Find A Way?
10. How Deep Is Your Love?
11. It Takes Time To Be A Man