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  Richie Luna

   Celebrate! (The People's Anthem) Digital EP

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Celebrate! (The People's Anthem) Digital EP

The world as we know it is being taken over by the forces of darkness. The future survival of all happiness on earth rests in the belief of a young man of the moonlight: Richie Luna.

Richie Luna, a breakthrough artist, producer and performer to the music industry, hails from the moon and has beamed onto earth to spread positive energies and light the way ahead through his music.

Get ready to defeat the darkness with the positive, uplifting euphoria and team unity of Richie Luna's smash hit 'Celebrate! (The People's Anthem).'

Come on let's Celebrate!

TAGS: Club/Dance | Pop


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1. Celebrate! (The People's Anthem)
2. My Light (Defeat the Darkness)
3. Universal Light (Tonight We Fly Away)