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  Tanita Tikaram

   Can't Go Back

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Can't Go Back

The voice that defined a generation has returned with her first album in seven years. Can't Go Back features some of America's most exciting modern soul musicians, and was lovingly crafted by producer Paul Bryan (Aimee Mann, Grant Lee Phillips, Nina Nastasia) at Sound Factory in Los Angeles. Tikaram was inspired by her new found love of Americana, by the union of country and soul, by Motown, and Chess. It proved to be a musical homecoming resulting in a warm, uplifting convergence of Tanita's fabulously sensual voice with a live soul groove. This CD package comes with a bonus CD, featuring 8 acoustic versions of Tanita classic songs.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: September 4, 2012   on Eagle Rock


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1. All Things To You
2. Dust On My Shoes
3. Make The Day
4. Rock & Roll
5. Science
6. Keep It Real
7. Can't Go Back
8. Heavy Pressure
9. One Kiss
10. If The World Should Want For Love
1. My Love
2. Valentine Heart
3. Wonderful Shadow
4. Only The Ones We Love
5. Twist In My Sobriety
6. To Drink The Rainbow
7. Play Me Again
8. Love Is Just A Word