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  Staff Benda Bilili

   Bouger Le Monde

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Bouger Le Monde

One of the most inspiring success stories in the global music scene, fearless Congolese band Staff Benda Bilili is back with its long-awaited follow-up album Bouger Le Monde, which bears witness to the spectacular musical evolution of the group, and to its intent to keep making... the world shake! (as stated in the album's title). Everyone must know their story by now: formed by paraplegic street musicians who, at the time, slept on the streets of Kinshasa and rehearsed in the half-abandoned city zoo, Staff Benda Bilili conquered worldwide audiences and media thanks to their enchanting music, their relentless energy and their uplifting optimism.


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1. Osali Mabe
2. Sopeka
3. Bilanga
4. Tangu I Fueni
5. Kulana/Gangs
6. Djambula
7. Libala Ya Mungwa
8. Souci
9. Apandjokwetu
10. Ne Me Quitte Pas
11. Mutu Esalaka (The Brains Are OK)