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  Darklight Corporation

   Darklight Corporation

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Darklight Corporation

'The CD's best songs are 'Sweet Sickness,' 'Panic Attack,' and the last track, 'Ramrod.' 'Panic' and 'Ramrod' feverishly rock. These songs are simply tight. It's like watching Fight Club and drinking a five-hour energy drink every time Edward Norton's character joins a different support group. Killer.' - Melissa Kucirek (Suite 101)

Driven by massive metal riffs and pop hooks, New Zealand based powerhouse Darklight Corporation devastates and charms their homeland and now the US with their self-titled album.

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. One Man Revolution
2. Nailbomb
3. Born To Govern
4. Sweet Sickness
5. Lockdown
6. Propaganda
7. Panic Attack
8. Ramrod 69