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  D Mottola

   Dungeon Raps

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Dungeon Raps

You may not have heard of D Mottola... yet, but let this EP be a warning. Dropping his solo debut on Elevated Press Records Dungeon Raps speaks very strongly to the fact that D Mottola is an emcee to check for in the coming years. His effortless delivery, smooth voice, and clever lyrics are a perfect match for the beats that Mikos provides. With undeniable Cali cool, Dungeon Raps reps that SF slap to the fullest. Produced and mixed by Mikos, cuts by E-Train, mastered by Touchphonics, artwork by Brent Payne.

The EP is a solid 6 tracks that leaves you wanting more. It's uncut, pure independent hip-hop at its finest.

TAGS: Rap/Hip-Hop


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1. Intro
2. Lifestyle Wild
3. How I feel
4. Kush Appetite
5. Abuse
6. Dungeon Raps