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  The Flatlanders

   The Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD)

The Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD)

In January 1972 the Flatlanders travelled to Tommy Allsup's Odessa, TX studio at the urging of a local radio DJ. The 14 songs recorded on reel-to-reel tape arguably marked the birth of alternative country music. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, the founding fathers of Americana release a collection of these recordings as The Odessa Tapes, which capture the blend of country, folk, roots and cosmic energy the Flatlanders pioneered. Also included is a DVD featuring an interview about the early days of their career, and a booklet that includes unreleased archival photos. Limited edition 180-gram vinyl will also be available.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 28, 2012   on New West


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1. I Know You
2. Number Sixteen
3. Shadow Of The Moon
4. Dallas
5. Down In My Hometown
6. Stars In My Life
7. I Think Too Much Of You
8. Bhagavan Decreed
9. Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
10. You've Never Seen Me Cry
11. One Road More
12. Story Of You
13. Rose From The Mountain
14. The Heart You Left Behind


Dallas, TX, US
The Flatlanders at Kessler Theater
Austin, TX, US
The Flatlanders at Paramount Theatre
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