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  Scum Of The Earth

   The Devil Made Me Do It

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The Devil Made Me Do It

Scum Of The Earth was formed in late 2003 by former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs, an in-your-face singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, when Zombie set aside his music career, focusing on writing and directing movies. As the brainchild of Riggs, Scum Of The Earth's music focuses on a horror/heavy rock theme, which he helped incorporate during his time in Rob Zombie.

According to Riggs, 'Being that this is 2012 and the end of the world and all, I thought the SOTE sound has ran its course, so I re-invented the sound with the help of a producer / programmer going by the name Volkstroker.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 28, 2012   on Goomba


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1. Born Again Masochist
2. Via Dela Rosa
3. Zombies -vs- Skeletons
4. The Devil Made Me Do It III
5. Zombie Apocalypse
6. Sounds Of The Dead
7. Pray
8. (Mindless) Dead Things
9. Ghost
10. Funeral March