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The hit maker Wine-O is promising to be the next sensational rapper as he delivers a style that is as unique and as striking as his story. His 2006 'Pop My Trunk' became an instant hit on radio stations in Houston and throughout Texas, while spreading to other cities throughout the South. Although you may have just begun hearing about Wine-O and his music, this is one artist who is not new to the music industry. He has been working as a writer and producer with a wide variety of artists in several different musical genres.

On his new self title album, Wine-O, he talks about his life as he sees it. Wine-O has written and produced the majority of songs on the album which includes club songs, radio songs, and songs of strain and pain. Wine-O is also trying to reach the women with this album as he challenges them to connect and appreciate their inner-self and sex appeal.

TAGS: Rap/Hip-Hop



1. Intro
2. 100
3. A Green Man
4. 100 Million Dollar Man
5. Bang Bang
6. Let Me See Your Milk Shake
7. G.S.I.
8. Out Of My Business
9. Believe In Me
10. Super Sexi
11. A9 Can Make Love
12. I'll Kiss U There
13. They Hate U
14. Blind