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  The Boxer Rebellion


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As a statement of intent, opening track, 'Flashing Red Light Means Go,' is about as coherent as you can get. Fire-and-brimstone drums and a redemptive, angelic chorus that soars above and beyond the preceding detritus says it all about The Boxer Rebellion's passage towards album number two.

Over three years in the making, Union, is less an album, more a blueprint for doing things your own way and swimming against tides of adversity. The single, 'Evacuate,' is a colossus with a throat-grabbing chorus that hijacks your bloodstream, while soaring ballad, 'Misplaced,' is a black rainbow of melancholic beauty that could only possibly have been made by a band who have stared into the abyss, and emerged replenished. A true monolith of self-belief and talent. (Words by Stephen Brolan)



1. Flashing Red Light Means Go
2. Move On
3. Evacuate
4. Soviets
5. Spitting Fire
6. Misplaced
7. The Gospel Of Goro Adachi
8. These Walls Are Thin
9. Forces
10. Semi-Automatic
11. Silent Movie
12. Broken Glass (bonus track)