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  Deitrick Haddon

   Anthology: The Writer & His Music Deluxe Edition [CD/DVD]

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Anthology: The Writer & His Music Deluxe Edition [CD/DVD]

Dietrick Haddon is touted as one of the most versatile artists in Gospel music. From his longstanding relationship with Tyscot Music & Entertainment, Anthology: The Writer & His Music CD w/DVD Deluxe Edition contains meticulously chosen content showcasing Haddon's signature vocals, superb writing and production skills.

Since the early 90s, Deitrick has pushed the Gospel music envelope with his unique multi-genre blend. His tens of thousands of fans will be eager to own this incredible new collectible to enjoy classic hits and hidden gems such as 'One Nation,' 'Anybody Here (Remix),' 'I Can't Praise You Enough,' 'Chain Breaker (Jiffy Cornbread Mix)' and more.

The bonus DVD features the hit music videos 'Well Done (Blessed & Cursed Version),' 'Don't Leave Me Now' and others. This deluxe package is a true irresistible must have. Also, check Deitrick out starring in his film debut Blessed & Cursed on DVD.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 23, 2011   on Tyscot


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1. One Nation
2. Anybody Here (Remix)
3. Who Is Like Our God
4. I Gotta Praise (Holy One)
5. I Can't Praise You Enough
6. Live The Life
7. Story #1: Just A Vessel
8. The Potter
9. Fresh Wind
10. The Walking Dead (Intro)
11. The Walking Dead
12. Chain Breaker (Jiffy Cornbread Mix)
13. Rain On Me
14. Rise & Be Healed
DISC TWO - DVD (Music Videos):
1. Don't Leave Me Now (Original Version)
2. Well Done (Blessed & Cursed Version)
3. I Gotta Praise (Holy One)
4. Take Rest In Me
5. Heaven
6. Don't Leave Me Now (Blessed & Cursed Version)

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