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  We Are Augustines

   Rise Ye Sunken Ships

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Rise Ye Sunken Ships

The brainchild of Pela's Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson, We Are Augustines' story is one of deep hardship and triumph against adversity. Pela had achieved significant success with debut (and only) album Anytown Graffiti before collapsing from personal tensions brought about by the industry at large. Part of that wreckage was an unfinished album that had never seen the light of day. But, after some significant soul searching, McCarthy and Sanderson came to the conclusion that it deserved to, and the pair reformed under We Are Augustines and spent the following two years completing their giant of a debut that has now come to our attention as the aptly named: Rise Ye Sunken Ships.

Armed with the recent addition of Londoner Rob Allen on drums, We Are Augustines have been captivating fans with their energetic live shows in North America and the UK, creating the sort of buzz many long standing bands can only imagine. Blood, sweat and tears are all there to see as their musical story is brought to life in McCarthy's extraordinary vocals. As a fan recently put it: Billy McCarthy will break down your front door to hand you a rose. And you will let him.

With navigation essential to survival, We Are Augustines are steering a course by way of a chart speckled with the fragments of shattered dreams and guiding lights long extinguished. Not the easiest of paths to traverse, but then plain sailing was never their command. With Rise Ye Sunken Ships, however, a titanic struggle and musical vision is at last about to come to the surface.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 23, 2011   on Turnout


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1. Chapel Song
2. Augustine
3. Headlong Into The Abyss
4. Book Of James
5. East Los Angeles
6. Juarez
7. Philadelphia (The City Of Botherly Love)
8. New Drink For The Old Drunk
9. Patton State Hospital
10. Strange Days
11. Barrel of Leaves
12. The Instrumental