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  Dylan LeBlanc

   Cast The Same Old Shadow

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Cast The Same Old Shadow

Born in Shreveport, Dylan moved to Muscle Shoals, Alabama when he was 11 and he is the dark horse of the vibrant and close-knit musical community there that includes Alabama Shakes, Secret Sisters, and Civil Wars to name a few.

Dylan's songs however, are considerably darker than that of his Alabama counterparts. He says 'I wasn't conscious of a theme before I made it - I didn't mean to, but I just happen to base a lot of my work on emotions - and at the time, they just happened to be negative ones.'

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 21, 2012   on Rough Trade


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1. Part One: The End
2. Innocent Sinner
3. Brother
4. Diamonds And Pearls
5. Where Are You Now
6. Chesapeake Lane
7. The Ties That Bind
8. Comfort Me
9. Cast The Same Old Shadow
10. Lonesome Waltz

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