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   The Trouble With Angels

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The Trouble With Angels

Eclecticism has been a hallmark of Richard Patrick's career in Filter and it's administered with crushing efficiency on The Trouble With Angels. Fans weaned on the industrial outbursts and corrosive beats of 1995's Short Bus and 1999's Title of Record will be ecstatic to hear Patrick's unmistakable scream and unflinching honesty dominating the new album. Filter's The Trouble With Angels contains Richard Patrick's strongest, most aggressive songwriting yet.


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1. The Inevitable Relapse
2. Drug Boy
3. Absentee Father
4. No Love
5. No Re-Entry
6. Down With Me
7. Catch A Falling Knife
8. The Trouble With Angels
9. Clouds
10. Fades Like A Photograph (Dead Angel)

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