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  Hot Club Of Detroit


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Junction finds the Hot Club Of Detroit expanding its sonic horizon and refreshing its musical vocabulary. Still retaining its core lineup of reeds, two guitars, accordion, upright bass (and no drums), now, for the first time, HCOD is joined by a vocalist: French musician Cyrille Aimée, a native of Django Reinhardt's final resting place and third-place winner of the 2010 Thelonious Monk International Vocal Competition.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 14, 2012   on Mack Avenue


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1. Goodbye, Mr. Anderson
2. Song For Gabriel
3. La Foule
4. Hey!
5. Chutzpah
6. Messe Gitane
7. Django Mort
8. Junction
9. Midnight In Detroit
10. Lonely Woman
11. Goodbye Mr. Shearing
12. Puck Bunny
13. Rift

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