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  White Violet

   Hiding, Mingling

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Hiding, Mingling

'White Violet, of Athens, GA, have created a sound that many bands try to accomplish, but fall short. They are understated, sincere and dejected without sounding whiny or depressed. Even More, 'Lays Around Lazy' is particularly a winner for anyone looking to add to their contemplation compilation.' - Music That Isn't Bad

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 14, 2012   on New West


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1. White Wash
2. 4 AM
3. Lays Around Lazy
4. Second Wind
5. Blame
6. Everyday Is Listening
7. Station
8. Tight Rope
9. A Book
10. Ghost, Teacher, Girl, And I


Raleigh, NC, US
White Violet with Semicircle at King's
Washington, DC, US
White Violet and Semicircle at DC9 Nightclub
Brooklyn, NY, US
Semicircle and White Violet at Cameo Gallery
New Haven, CT, US
Semicircle with White Violet and Spectral Fangs at BAR
Allston, MA, US
Semicircle with White Violet at O'Brien's Pub
Philadelphia, PA, US
Semicircle and White Violet at North Star Bar
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