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  Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure

   The Piano Poems: Live In San Francisco

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The Piano Poems: Live In San Francisco

Michael McClure is a Beat Generation poet, playwright and songwriter. Ray Manzarek is a founding member of the Doors, songwriter and music producer. Together they take their loyal fans on a musical mind expanding journey with their creations. Their collaboration was documented in the Oglio Home Video release The Third Mind and brought to life in this all new album of thought provoking poetry.

The Doors were influenced by the 1960s beatniks and that spirit continues with this collaboration. Jim Morrison introduced Michael McClure to Ray Manzarek during the recording sessions for Waiting For The Sun, and that fateful meeting is still bearing fruit today.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 14, 2012   on Oglio


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1. Pico Boulevard
2. Eagle In The Whirlpool
3. River Of Night / Black Wine
4. Me Raw
5. Antechamber Of The Night
6. That Government Is Best
7. Big Lips
8. Mule Kick Blues
9. Let The Laws Go
10. Deconstruction Man
11. The Cups We Drink From
12. Jean Harlow And The Kid
13. Smash The State
14. Painted Dust