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  Lynch Mob

   REvolution Deluxe Collection

REvolution Deluxe Collection

A revolutionary 3 disc audio-video spectacular featuring legendary axeman, George Lynch, and his band of heavy metal brothers, Lynch Mob.

Features the full-length studio album REvolution with killer, supercharged renditions of classic Dokken/Lynch Mob tracks such as 'Tooth And Nail,' 'Breaking The Chains,' 'Wicked Sensation' and more, plus a professionally filmed live performances recorded during the 2005 REvolution Tour and mixed in awesome 5.1 surround sound.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 14, 2012   on Cleopatra



DISC ONE: REvolution
1. Tooth And Nail
2. Tangled In The Web
3. All I Want
4. Kiss Of Death
5. She's Evil But She's Mine
6. Relax
7. Cold Is The Heart
8. Breaking The Chains
9. When Darkness Calls
10. River Of Love
11. Wicked Sensation
12. Paris Is Burning
13. The Secret
DISC TWO: REvolution Live! CD
1. Intro
2. Paris Is Burning
3. Dance Of The Dogs
4. Tangled In The Web
5. All I Want
6. Kiss Of Death
7. She's Evil But She's Mine
8. Cold Is The Heart
9. When Darkness Calls
10. River Of Love
11. Rain
12. Hell Child
13. Breaking The Chains
14. Wicked Sensation
15. Tooth And Nail
DISC THREE: REvolution Live! DVD
1. Paris Is Burning
2. Dance Of The Dogs
3. Tangled In The Web
4. All I Want
5. Kiss Of Death
6. She's Evil
But She's Mine
7. Cold Is The Heart
8. When Darkness Calls
9. River Of Love
10. Hell Child
11. Breaking The Chains
12. Wicked Sensation
13. Tooth And Nail
14. Rain