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   Deal With It (Digital Only)

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Deal With It (Digital Only)

From the streets south of Los Angeles emerges an artist who is expanding rap and hip hop to new levels of sophistication. LukeVonDuke's debut, Deal With It, delivers solid grooves but has something much more. In VonDuke's own words, 'I wanted to develop the melodic aspects of rap which have been neglected. I want people to sing my songs as well as get into my lyrics.' Grammy-winning engineer/producer Rafa Sardina (Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Jay Z) says 'I am very impressed with LukeVonDukes's approach to rap. His songs take the genre to a new level.' Standout tracks, 'Plus Size Model,' 'I Want To Be Like Snooki' and 'Condonage,' will prove to be on the vanguard of a new rap model. One that builds on the past while pointing to a new future for others to follow. LukeVonDuke looks to be in the lead for the foreseeable future.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 9, 2011   on Sunstone

TAGS: Rap/Hip-Hop


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1. Plus Size Model
2. 64 Rollin'
3. Daydream
4. Swagtastic
5. I Want A Girl Like Snooki
6. When Im Drinkin'
7. Where U Wanna Be
8. Condonage