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  Guano Padano


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We easily travalicabili land borders, as we move from the warm atmosphere of western 'Zebulon' - repeated several times, as described in the torrid sunsets in 'El Cayote' - to trigger pulpfictioniani of 'Gran Bazaar', the east until you reach an unexpected and translated in an inspired manner in 'Miss Chan', from which come the razor blazing Marc Ribot. In all this there is jazz - as a formal state of creative freedom - and bluesy streaks that sometimes become more obvious, as in 'Nashville'.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 7, 2012   on Ipecac



1. Last Night
2. Zebulon
3. One Man Bank
4. Gran Bazaar
5. Gumbo
6. BellyVista
7. Lynch
8. Miss Chan
9. El Cayote
10. Prairie Fire (Featuring Mike Patton)
11. Nashville
12. Un Occhio Verso Tokyo
13. Sleep Walk