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  Branford Marsalis Quartet

   Four MF's Playin' Tunes

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Four MF's Playin' Tunes

Branford Marsalis Quartet explores the limits of musical adventure and band cohesiveness on Four MFs Playin' Tunes. This is the first recording of the tight-knit working band with an electrifying young drummer that joined the band three years ago and the results are a nimble and sparkling album, featuring ambitious original compositions by members of the band, a Thelonious Monk classic, and one 1930s standard. The record blends the beautiful and subtle ballad sounds of the 2004 release Eternal with the ecstatic contrasts of critically-acclaimed Braggtown. This might just be the BMQ's most sublime musical achievement yet.


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1. The Mighty Sword
2. Brews
3. Maestra
4. Teo
5. Whiplash
6. As Summer Into Autumn Slips
7. Endymion
8. My Ideal