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  Jackiem Joyner

   Jackiem Joyner

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Jackiem Joyner

Jackiem burst onto the scene with babysoul on the tiny ARTizen imprint. His second, Lil' Man Soul on Artistry Music, exploded his pop/urban melodies across contemporary jazz consciousness via two #1 singles, 'I'm Waiting For You' and 'Take Me There.'

His newest, the eponymous Jackiem Joyner, boasts yet more radio-friendly tracks like the single 'Dance With Me.' Jackiem stretches into new territory with the Slash-like guitar burn of 'Push' and the syncopated marching band drum opening of 'The Reunion.' Jackiem eschews big-name producers and guest stars, and does almost all of it himself - playing, producing and composing.


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1. The Reunion
2. Dance With Me
3. Back Together Again
4. Off The Wall
5. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
6. Push
7. Home
8. If This Isn't Love
9. Turn It Up
10. My Last Goodbye

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