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   Pacer EP (Vinyl & Digital Only)

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Pacer EP (Vinyl & Digital Only)

Aberdonian-in-London Ewan Robertson, aka Offshore, returns with the third of his EP series, his second for Big Dada, and it's another massive stride forward for this multi-talented producer.

The EP begins with title-track 'Pacer,' supple and dance floor friendly but with enough of Offshore's trademark melancholic melody to satisfy the most emotional of listeners. 'Pepper' is a brutal bass number which pushes his sonic palette into new territory. 'Pearls & Butlers' with guest Cienfuegos is a deconstructed ballad with a more 'live' feel than Robertson's previous work. Skit-length 'Mintlaw' once again sees Robertson pushing the sonics further than in the past, while 'East Coast Capital Connect' offers a journey back to the frozen North of his last EP, the complexity and sharpness of the execution showing how quickly Offshore is still improving.

Already a favorite amongst electronic music aficionados, Pacer shows how widely Robertson is setting his sights.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 2, 2011   on Big Dada


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1. Pacer
2. Pepper
3. Pearls And Butler (Featuring Cienfuegos)
4. Mintlaw
5. East Coast Capital Connect
6. Pearls And Butler (Featuring Cienfuegos) [Radio version]

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