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Juan DAliaga is proud to launch this CD, which represents a lifetime of songwriting ambitions. The songs are conceived by Juan DAliaga in collaboration with producer and musician, Dave Levene and his collaborative partner the lyricist, Dale Lawrence. All instruments were played by Dave except drums for which the best session players were selected. A marketable song needs meaningful lyrics and for this Dave employed the writing talents of Dale Lawrence. In order to maintain artistic integrity, Dave has handpicked all musicians for live shows.

After an exhaustive search, during which time several singers passed the initial audition and were even recorded, Dave finally selected twenty-three-year-old Will Barron from Cumming, Georgia to be the definitive voice of the project. Will's youthful exuberance, vocal range and crucially his 'feel' for the material made him the inevitable choice.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: August 2, 2011   on JDA


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1. For My Friend
2. She Belongs To Me
3. All The Best
4. News Reader
5. Merry Go Round
6. This Is Between The Two Of Us
7. Walking To Your House
8. Very Strange
9. I Don't Want To Wait
10. Like A Rocket