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   Twinkle Toes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Twinkle Toes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Original soundtrack to Twinkle Toes: The Movie, a dance driven musical comedy celebrating individual expression, positive self-image and female empowerment, inspired by SKECHERS' hugely popular Twinkle Toes brand, with sales of over 20 million pairs of girl's sneakers. Soundtrack features original songs featured in the film, dance mixes, plus re-recordings of hit songs 'Beautiful,' 'Shine,' and 'We Got The Beat.'


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1. Twinkle Toes Theme - Laura Baruch
2. Get The Future Started - Laura Baruch
3. Let Me Fly High - Laura Baruch
4. To The Beat - Windy Wagner & Spencer Lee
5. Shining Star - Laura Baruch
6. Just Wanna Have Some Fun - Laura Baruch
7. Sporty Shortie Rap - Stephanie Lemelin & Eric Peter Goldman
8. Shine - Laura Baruch
9. Beautiful - Laura Baruch
10. We Got The Beat - Laura Baruch
11. To The Beat-Dance Mix - Windy Wagner & Spencer Lee
12. Get The Future Started-Dance Mix - Laura Baruch