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   Ruining It For Everybody

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Ruining It For Everybody

iwrestledabearonce, the electro-metal-trip-hop-dance-jazz pioneers from Shreveport, LA exploded forth onto the scene in the summer of 2009 like a cannonball shot out of a whale's blowhole. iwrestledabearonce have been on a non-stop blitz of the States for the past two years in support of It's All Happening and are now gearing up to lay the ultimate smackdown with the piledriving Ruining It For Everybody. Featuring 11 tracks sure to give even Jimmy Superfly Snuka a smile, you will know who the real deal is after you peep this. Look for them on the 'All Stars Tour' this summer.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: July 26, 2011   on Century Media

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. Next Visible Delicious
2. You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices
3. Deodorant Can't Fix Ugly
4. This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain
5. It Is 'Bro' Isn't It?
6. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket
7. Break It Down Camacho
8. Stay To The Right
9. I'm Gonna Shoot
10. Karate Nipples
11. Button It Up
Deluxe Edition includes an exclusive DVD featuring a 'Making Of' feature (over 45 minutes in length) and comes in a Digipak.

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