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  David Rotheray

   The Life Of Birds

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The Life Of Birds

In a career that has taken him from the Beautiful South with Paul Heaton in the late 1980s to his critically-acclaimed side project Homespun, Dave Rotheray's name has always been synonymous with music that mixes the melancholy with dry humor to great effect. On The Life Of Birds, Rotheray has succeeded in crafting an album with some of the best lyrics and most beautiful music of his career. It includes guest performances by some of the most exciting artists on the UK Folk scene: Eliza Carthy, Jim Causley, Kathryn Williams, Bella Hardy, Alasdair Roberts and more.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: July 19, 2011   on Proper


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1. The Sparrow, The Thrush & The Nightingale
2. Living Before The War
3. The Road To The South
4. Crows, Ravens & Rooks
5. Draughty Old Fortress
6. Sweet Forgetfulness
7. The Hummingbird On Your Calendar
8. Taller Than Me
9. Almost Beautiful
10. Flying Lessons
11. The Best Excuse In The World (Is The Truth)
12. The Digital Cookoo
13. Cover Your Garden Over
14. The Sparrow, The Thrush & The Nightingale Part II