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  The Be Good Tanyas

   A Collection (2000-2012)

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A Collection (2000-2012)

A mixture of deep country, early American folk, old-time jazz, blues and gospel, their sound is reminiscent of a bygone era. Combining original material with traditional standards, the Tanyas' stunning vocals and seamless harmonies, combined with gorgeous acoustic instrumentation results in music that is warm, honest and captivating.

The Collection (2000-2012) features songs from all of the Be Good Tanyas classic albums plus four previously unreleased tracks, 'Scattered Leaves,' 'Song For R.,' 'Little Black Bear' and 'Gospel Song'.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: July 17, 2012   on Nettwerk


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1. Draft Daughter's Blues aka Ootischenia
2. In My Time Of Dying
3. The Littlest Birds
4. Only In The Past
5. Little Black Bear
6. Scattered Leaves (New Mix)
7. Waiting Around To Die
8. Light Enough To Travel
9. Dogsong aka Sleep Dog Lullaby
10. Junkie Song
11. Rain And Snow
12. For The Turnstiles
13. Song For R. (New Mix)
14. Oh Susanna
15. Ship Out On The Sea
16. Gospel Song