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  Sam Phillips

   Martinis & Bikinis (Reissue)

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Martinis & Bikinis (Reissue)

With Martinis & Bikinis, Sam Phillips revitalized the 'Beatlesque' category with some substantial songwriting and a woman's voice, which turned the whole sound upside down. Omnivore's edition is even more spectacular than the original, as it includes four bonus tracks, picked by Sam herself, and one, 'Strawberry Road' (2012 version), newly recorded for this release. Available on CD and - for the first time ever - on vinyl. The first pressing of 1,500 will be on double white vinyl (future pressings will be on black vinyl).

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: July 17, 2012   on Omnivore


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1. Love And Kisses
2. Signposts
3. Same Rain
4. Baby I Can't Please You
5. Circle Of Fire
6. Strawberry Road
7. When I Fall
8. Same Changes
9. Black Sky
10. Fighting With Fire
11. I Need Love
12. Wheel Of The Broken Voice
13. Gimme Some Truth
14. I Need Love (Bonus)
15. Fighting With Fire (Bonus)
16. Black Sky (Bonus)
17. Strawberry Road (Bonus)