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  JEFF The Brotherhood

   Hypnotic Nights

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Hypnotic Nights

The best rock 'n' roll, the kind that gets under your skin and makes all your senses heighten, is simple and comprised of hard work and unrelenting passion - all of which JEFF The Brotherhood embody and exemplify on their Warner Bros. Records debut, Hypnotic Nights. Brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have been playing together since they were little kids and formed the group when they were in high school. The boys grew up with a voracious appetite for any music they could get their hands on.


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1. Country Life
2. Sixpack
3. Mystic Portal Ii
4. Wood Ox
5. Staring At The Wall
6. Leave Me Out
7. Region Of Fire
8. Hypnotic Winter
9. Dark Energy
10. Changes


Chicago, IL, US
Jeff the Brotherhood, Juiceboxxx, and Rabble Rabble with The Lemons at The Empty Bottle
Santa Ana, CA, US
Burgerama 2015
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