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  Bibi Tanga And The Selenites

   40º Of Sunshine

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40*ordm* Of Sunshine

Afro-Parisian groove theorists Bibi Tanga & the Selenites return with their new album, 40º Of Sunshine. This fearlessly creative group melds retro-futurist visions and poetic couplings with slippery funk grooves and sinewy Afro-beat to conjure up a Paris where Fela Kuti jams with Cameo and Marcel Duchamp gets down to Funkadelic.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: July 10, 2012   on Nat Geo

TAGS: World | International | R&B | Funk


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1. Poet Of The Soul
2. My Heart Is Jumping
3. Banda A Gui Koua
4. Can't Handle This
5. Laughing Song
6. Kangoya
7. Do What You Wanna Do
8. Dark Funk
9. Happy Dustman
10. People Are Working
11. 40º Of Sunshine
12. Attraction