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   Paper Boy

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Paper Boy

Marcus Montana, known as Tru-Serva to his music audience, is a passionate man whose mission is to help others find true life. Growing up in a single parent home in Lacombe, LA outside of New Orleans, he was forced to raise himself while his Mom worked two jobs to provide for the family. Trapped in a materialistic society he chased after self-satisfaction, experiencing the void of true love. He was left broken after a long pursuit to fill that void, until one day...

Tru is currently in Africa on a mission trip working in the fields to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, even while his first album drops in the United States and Canada.

TAGS: Gospel



1. Battlecry
2. Intro
3. You're Not Forgotten
4. From The Rooftop
5. Let Me Holla @ Cha
6. Well Done
7. Lost Souls - (remix)
8. Saved by Grace III
9. We Rock
10. Shorty
11. Streetlights
12. Dey Didn't Ask
13. Outro
14. Purpose