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  Phil Tarver

   Place Of Worship

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Place Of Worship

The praise and worship leader for America's #1 platinum-selling gospel ensemble, Shekinah Glory Ministry, Phil Tarver, has defined the art of praise and worship for the new millennium generation. On his fourth solo CD Place of Worship, Tarver takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotional ups and downs that display the amazing passion and varied colors of authentic praise and worship music.

There's a jazzy, old school soul fervor on 'Believe' while 'Warrior Nation' and 'Because You Say So' display tribal drum patterns and rock guitars. Tarver shows off showman skills as acute as classic soul men Al Green or Marvin Gaye on the sing-a-long track, 'Walk on the Water Medley.' Then, there are ballads such as the majestic 'Commune With Me' and the acoustic flavored, 'Wait.' Tarver's gruff tenor soars through these 17 songs like electricity in a rainstorm and energizes these tracks, all backed by a live band that rocked to the Rock of Ages.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 29, 2010   on Kingdom

TAGS: Gospel


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1. Believe
2. Greater Is He
3. Warrior Nation
4. Warrior Nation Reprise
5. Walk On The Water Medley
6. Give Praises
7. Give Praises Reprise
8. Unsearchable Riches
9. Unsearchable Riches Reprise
10. Exhortation to the Ministries
11. Because You Say So
12. Because You Say So Reprise
13. God Is Able
14. Wait
15. Intro to Commune With Me
16. Commune With Me
17. Place Of Worship