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  Eilen Jewell

   Queen Of The Minor Key

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Queen Of The Minor Key

Since her official 2006 debut, Boundary County, Jewell has surveyed a wide range of traditional musical styles, from the folk and jug band leanings of her early recordings, through an album-length homage to Loretta Lynn and the country gospel of her work with the Sacred Shakers, right up to 2009's Sea of Tears, which bristled with the electricity of '60s UK garage rock and Chicago blues.

Queen of the Minor Key draws on everything from classic country (the fiddle-driven 'Reckless') to early R&B (the shuffling 'Hooked'), with an emphasis on sounds from the seamier side of the tracks. With dirty sax riffs and low-slung guitars, the instrumentals that bookend the album - 'Radio City' and 'Kalimotxo' - evoke the bump-and-grind exotica of vintage Southern California suburban saloons. Yet on the flipside, Jewell imbues slow, jazzy numbers like 'I Remember You' and 'Only One' with torch and tenacity that linger long past last call.

Eilen Jewell is the Queen of the Minor Key. Sad songs are her wealth and finery. Lend her your ears, and you will quickly hear why her humble subjects admire and adore her more with each passing year.


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1. Radio City
2. I Remember You
3. Queen Of The Minor Key
4. That's Where I'm Going
5. Santa Fe
6. Warning Signs
7. Reckless
8. Over Again
9. Bang Bang Bang
10. Hooked
11. Only One
12. Long Road
13. Home to Me
14. Kalimotxo


Vienna, VA, US
Eilen Jewell at Jammin' Java
Sellersville, PA, US
Eilen Jewell with No Good Sister at Sellersville Theater 1894
Wilmington, DE, US
Eilen Jewell at World Cafe Live at the Queen-upstairs
Fall River, MA, US
Eilen Jewell at Narrows Center for the Arts
Newport, KY, US
Eilen Jewell at The Southgate House Revival - The Sanctuary
Cleveland, OH, US
Eilen Jewell at Beachland Tavern
Buffalo, NY, US
Eilen Jewell at Sportsmen's Tavern
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