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  Annbjørg Lien

   Khoom Loy

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Khoom Loy

Firmly grounded as a virtuoso of Norwegian traditional music, but inspired by the music of other cultures, fiddler Annbjørg Lien crosses musical borders as a pioneer for true World Music. Khoom Loy, Thai for 'paper lanterns,' explores a broad spectrum of traditions, from Norwegian folk to Irish and Asian music, with jazz and rock accents that sometimes create an Indian feel.

Well versed in the music of other cultures, this album also presents her world vocal debut to stunning and haunting effect, notably on 'Den Største Daalighed,' which also offers a unique fusion of the Indian tabla with Celtic whistles.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 26, 2012   on Compass


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1. Tareq
2. The Trapezian
3. Khoom Loy
4. Natten
5. Goce Gut
6. Dancing Larry
7. Den Største Daalighed
8. Butterfly
9. Needle's Eye
10. Til
11. Psalm