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  Paul Thorn

   Pimps And Preachers

Pimps And Preachers

Paul Thorn is a unique, gifted singer-songwriter with a colorful past whose live shows are mesmerizing and recorded material is consistently critically acclaimed. Pimps and Preachers is Paul Thorn at his best, consisting of a bunch of witty and heartfelt songs, most based on personal experiences. And this time, he brings a catchy title track that explores his relationship with the two most influential men in his life -- his father the Pentecostal preacher and his uncle the pimp! Top it off with Paul's hand-drawn album cover, and you have some 'hooks' to work with.

'That little boy represents me,' says Thorn. 'I'm in the church group but my eyes are looking back to the street where all the sin is going on. It shows me being intrigued by the broad world. That's why I made this my album cover: It describes who I am.'


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1. You're Not The Only One
2. I Hope I'm Doing This Right
3. Weeds In My Roses
4. Pimps & Preachers
5. Ray Ann's Shoes
6. Buckskin Jones
7. Better Days Ahead
8. Tequila Is Good For The Heart
9. You Might Be Wrong
10. Nona Lisa
11. Love Scar
12. I Don't Like Half The Folks I Love
13. That's Life


Walla Walla, WA, US
Paul Thorn at Main Street Studios
Rockford, IL, US
Paul Thorn at Main Street District
Milwaukee, WI, US
Paul Thorn at Turner Hall Ballroom
Chicago, IL, US
Paul Thorn at City Winery
Cleveland, OH, US
Paul Thorn at Beachland Ballroom and Tavern
Buffalo, NY, US
Paul Thorn at Sportsmen's Tavern
New York, NY, US
Paul Thorn at City Winery
Ardmore, PA, US
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings with Paul Thorn at The Ardmore Music Hall
Alexandria, VA, US
Paul Thorn at Birchmere
Birmingham, AL, US
Paul Thorn at WorkPlay Theatre
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