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  The Parlotones

   Live Design

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Live Design

The Parlotones, South Africa's first ever native act to headline and sell out Johannesburg's Coca Cola Dome, releases their recording of that show now in North America. If you were blown away by their headlining performance at the 2010 World Cup (right before Shakira), you will fall in love all over again with this 18-track live show and DVD from the history making performance.


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1. Life Design
2. Only Human
3. Giant Mistake
4. Overexposed
5. Remember When
6. I'll Be There
7. Stars Fall Down
8. Push Me To The Floor
9. Should We Fight Back
10. Bird In Flight
11. Sun Comes Out
12. We Call This Dancing
13. Colourful
14. Disappear Without A Trace
15. Beautiful
16. Rock Paper Scissors
17. Here Comes A Man
18. Baby Be Mine

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