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   The Heartbeat

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The Heartbeat

Orlando-based worship collective, Bellarive, use every instrument at their disposal, whether it be organic or synthetic, to creatively build the grand style of worship found on debut The Heartbeat. Lead singer, Sean Curran's ethereal vocals have the unique ability to cut through lush string arrangements and sweeping guitar swells creating moments that are at the same time grandiose and intimate.

The Heartbeat finds a band striving to make music worthy of the Creator that also gives voice to a generation hungry for authentic and spirited worship.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 19, 2012   on Sparrow

TAGS: Rock | Christian


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1. Heartbeat
2. Love Has Found Us
3. Hope Is Calling
4. Taste Of Eternity
5. Measures Of Rest
6. Sing
7. The Father's Heart
8. Here We Are
9. Tendons (The Release)
10. Shine On
11. I Know You
12. Stories