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  Chris Smither

   Hundred Dollar Valentine

Hundred Dollar Valentine

Smither's cosmic blues are on full display in Hundred Dollar Valentine, a brilliant amalgam made of equal parts past, present and future.

It is music that traces its roots back deep into tradition, anchors its rhythms and textures in today, and reaches forward into the future, asking the gig questions - why am I here? And he does it all with six strings, an insistent, understated groove and a sly wink - letting you know that we may all enter and leave this world alone, but that don't mean we can't have a good time while we're here.


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1. Hundred Dollar Valentine
2. On the Road
3. What It Might Have Been
4. What They Say
5. All We Need To Know
6. Make Room For Me
7. I Feel The Same
8. Place In Line
9. Feeling By Degrees
10. Every Mother's Son


New Orleans, LA, US
Chris Smither at Fair Grounds Race Course
New Orleans, LA, US
Bombino and Chris Smither at Chickie Wah Wah
Shirley, MA, US
Chris Smither with Fran Lamalva at Bull Run Restaurant
Piermont, NY, US
Chris Smither at Turning Point
Rosendale, NY, US
Chris Smither at Rosendale Cafe
Blairstown, NJ, US
Chris Smither at Historic Blairstown Theatre
Ashland, VA, US
Chris Smither at Ashland Coffee & Tea
New Bedford, MA, US
Chris Smither at New Bedford Folk Festival
Charlotte, NC, US
Chris Smither at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Asheville, NC, US
Chris Smither at Grey Eagle
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