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  Children 18:3

   On The Run

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On The Run

After playing nearly 150 shows per year for the past several years, Children 18:3 is showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. The band has landed two singles 'Lost So Long' and 'Oh Bravo' in the #1 spot on the Christian Rock radio chart.

In the midst of this busyness, they've managed to release their third full-length record On The Run. Aptly named, On The Run is the perfect display of Children 18:3's determination and joy that they've shown in their career. They have managed to create a fresh sound with this record, complete with punk hooks and soaring melodies.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 19, 2012   on Tooth & Nail

TAGS: Rock | Punk | Christian


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1. Moment To Moment
2. Bandits
3. We'll Never Say Goodbye
4. What About Justice?
5. Jenny
6. Always On The Run
7. I Tried To Do The Right Thing
8. Holding On
9. Why Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
10. Nowhere To Run
11. All In Your Head
12. Drifter