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  Apollo 440

   The Future's What It Used To Be

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The Future's What It Used To Be

Apollo 440, Liverpool's electronic rock pioneers, are back after almost ten years with the release of their fifth studio album, The Future's What It Used To Be. Apollo 440 pick up right where they left off, with a package that's full of the same kind of high energy, dub-infused electro-rock anthems that made them famous earlier in their career.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 19, 2012   on Radikal


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1. Stay Frosty
2. The Future's What It Used To Be
3. Smoke & Mirrors
4. Stealth Cantorum
5. A Deeper Dub
6. Love Is Evil
7. Odessa Dubstep
8. Motorbootee
9. Traumarama
10. Fuzzy Logic
11. Music Don't Die