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  Grupo Fantasma

   El Existential

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El Existential

The progressive genius of Grupo Fantasma, now in the tenth year of its long and intriguing musical journey, comes to life on El Existential on Nat Geo Music. 'Grupo Fantasma is as tight as one would expect from a band that routinely backs up Prince' exclaimed LA Weekly, and the Washington Post affirmed that 'the ten members represent a new generation of Latin music.' Their last effort, the Grammy nominated Sonidos Gold (2008), further trademarked the ensemble's innovative sound and scored a cover feature in Pollstar Magazine.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 15, 2010   on Nat Geo

TAGS: Latin | International | Pop | Rock


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1. Realizando
2. La Conozco
3. Sacatelo Bailando
4. El Consejo
5. Hijo
6. Juan Tenorio
7. Montanozo
8. Calor
9. 25
10. Reconciliar
11. Telarana
12. Cumbianchera
13. Arana Cuna