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  Ted Lukas & the Misled

   Learn How to Fall

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Learn How to Fall

Produced by Ted Lukas and mixed by known alt-country producer and recording artist, Eric 'Roscoe' Ambel, this 10-song CD is a rich Americana blend of rootsy rock and twang, featuring plenty of big guitar riffs and catchy melodic hooks. With Learn How to Fall, the former Hangtown frontman combines his power-pop and Americana influences to create an original sound that's all his own.

In the mid-to-late 90's, Ted Lukas also served as the premier songwriter and lead guitar player behind Big Deal Recording Artists, Barely Pink. Over the past fifteen years, Ted Lukas has appeared at some of the most reputable, well known original music venues and showcase events in the U.S. and tours continually.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 15, 2010   on Nine Alarm

TAGS: Rock | Americana | Garage


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1. The Hard Truth
2. Forgive & Forget
3. Couldn't Say Goodbye
4. Learn How To Fall
5. Hooked on You
6. Catching up to you
7. Precious Times
8. Nothing's Ever good Enough
9. Your Own Worst Enemy
10. The More Things Change