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  Smoke Fairies

   Through Low Light And Trees

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Through Low Light And Trees

An exquisitely shivery blend of eerily ancient and thrillingly modern sounds with beautifully interlocking harmonies and guitar parts behind spectral melodies. Jack White was early to respond and offered to produce a track for his Third Man label at his Nashville studio. Recorded in just 36 hours, with White on drums (and 'mad guitar solo' on 'River Song') and his Raconteurs / Dead Weather pal Jack Lawrence on bass, the 'Gastown'/ 'River Song' single was released in December 2009. Recorded at Sawmills studio in rural Cornwall, the 11 tracks on their debut album with producer Head (PJ Harvey) smolder with an honest, often painful emotional intimacy.

'Their two guitars share finger picked patterns reminiscent of the British folk-jazz group Pentangle, and their two voices move in close harmonies, with timbres blending almost like sisters' - New York Times

'heartfelt and sensual... poised and elegant.... Smoke Fairies have fashioned a collection of songs that has the subtle charm of an afternoon spent in a meadow at the end of summer' - MOJO

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 14, 2011   on Year Seven

TAGS: Rock | Indie Rock | Folk


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1. Summer Fades
2. Devil In My Mind
3. Hotel Room
4. Dragon
5. Eric Lackawanna
6. Strange Moon Rising
7. Morning Blues
8. Storm Song
9. Blue Skies Fall
10. Feeling Is Turning Blue
11. After the Rain