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  Ryan Humbert

   Sometimes The Game Plays You

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Sometimes The Game Plays You

Sometimes The Game Plays You - an Americana pop album with big, modern hooks steeped in the cherished heritage of great American songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, and Bob Dylan. Executive produced by Jill Bacon Madden and produced by Humbert in Nashville, Sometimes The Games Plays You captures the warmth of the music live on tape. Humbert's cohorts included his trusty backup band, along with marquee names like Ken Coomer (Wilco, Steve Earle), John Jackson (Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynne), Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, John Mellancamp, Dwight Yoakam) and Audley Freed (Black Crowes, Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Page, Jakob Dylan), among others.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: June 12, 2012   on Rock Ridge


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1. Waiting For The Lightning
2. Don't Tell My heart
3. Mayday
4. Home Is Where Your Heart Bleeds
5. Everything
6. Telescope
7. Boulevard To Nowhere
8. Not To Me
9. Tattoo
10. Incognito
11. Fool Me Twice
12. Heartache Waiting
13. Sometimes The Game Plays You
14. I Will Find My Own Way
15. Boulevard To Nowhere (Acoustic Bonus Track)