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  Outrageous Cherry

   Seemingly Solid Reality

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Seemingly Solid Reality

Detroit's Outrageous Cherry have returned to their analog cave to record Matthew Smith's latest batch of psychedelic pop tunes. Throughout Seemingly Solid Reality, sweet melodies and harmonies soar over the gnashing of vicious, urban Motor City guitar workouts. Motown-fueled bass and drums throb hypnotically.

The band recently got a lot of love from The New Pornographers who recorded an EP of their songs titled Togetherness: The New Pornographers play Outrageous Cherry.


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1. Seemingly Solid Reality
2. Unbalanced In The City
3. Fell
4. My Ghetto
5. Self-Made Monster
6. The Happy Hologram
7. Nothing's Changed
8. Forces Of Evil
9. I Like It
10. Unamerican Girls
11. The Unimportant Things