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  Pagan's Mind

   Heavenly Ecstasy

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Heavenly Ecstasy

On Heavenly Ecstasy, Norway's Pagan's Mind go about their work with ambition and versatility, their compositions always having shunned one-dimensionality: 'Pagan's Mind is a band that always presented albums with a big variety song-wise,' says guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad. 'I guess the kick ass, heavy and groovy riffs, the big and epic sound, the good melodies and progressive elements are what people in general associate with our songs.'

With their latest offering, however, the musicians Lofstad, Rue, Ronny Tegner (guitar), Stian Kristoffersen (drums) and Steinar Krokmo (bass) are raising the bar even higher than ever before. Even more so than their previous work, these songs refuse to lend themselves to pigeonholing, proving instead to be a hybrid of different styles resulting in a dynamic variety of melodic metal.

TAGS: Rock | Hard Rock | Metal


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1. Contact
2. Eyes Of Fire
3. Intermission
4. Into The Aftermath
5. Walk Away To Silence
6. Revelation To The End
7. Follow Your Way
8. Live Your Life Like A Dream
9. The Master's Voice
10. When Angels Unite
11. Never Walk Alone