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   Best Day

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Best Day

In a relatively short time, Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walthers, of the Canadian duo Dala, have established themselves as one of the brightest rising stars of the pop-folk circuit.

On their second release with Compass Records, Best Day, the duo has achieved a new level of maturity in both their abilities as songwriters and integrity of presentation. Vaguely reminiscent of fellow Canadian, Feist, and with echoes of Leonard Cohen's lyric sensibilities, Dala presents a set of tracks that are empowering and optimistic but not without a quiet mourning for the past and the impossible.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: May 29, 2012   on Compass

TAGS: Americana | Folk


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1. Life On Earth
2. Best Day
3. Not Alone
4. Lennon & McCartney
5. Good As Gold
6. Great Escape
7. Father
8. Virginia Woolf
9. Peggy
10. First Love
11. Still Life
12. Too Many Kittens